With associated company © leslieworks, you can look at and buy my crafts including quirky framed prints, applique hoops, collaged cushion covers and other delights on www.etsy.com/shop/leslieworks.  

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I combine art, craft and design skills to make one-off and small edition bookworks, multiples and objects. I alter existing items and make new ones, too. A compulsive collector: any number of ephemera, literature, textiles, found objects, materials and mediums inspire, and find their way into, the pieces. Text adds a cerebral dimension to the visual. Words, phrases and stories are placed in new or unusual settings, exploring  alternative understandings and use of language, with glimpses of observed and lived experience. My work assembles bits of our collective history with the events, thoughts and emotions in my own life. 

I enjoy transforming unwanted or secondhand books into a new experience, an 'altered book'. Equally, I like to make clean digitally produced bookworks and quirky multiples.