Stars and Stripes: A Tapestry of American Dreams and Realities As an American living in London for most of my adult life, one could assume that I like it here. I do prefer the more continental and bohemian lifestyle people are still at liberty to enjoy on this side of the Atlantic. However, after some years being away, and feeling the sting of sentimentality and absense from close contact with my family, the flag began to take on a special significance for me. Hence a yearning to create a personal recounting of my connection to my homeland, through the iconic presence, design and colours of the American Stars and Stripes. 

What started out as an experiment with changing a second-hand book, soon became a full-on project of over 6 months. It metamorphosized into a series of (mainly) collage works depicting some of the historical, the sentimental, the political and the fun aspects of the USA, as I view them. The original book is one of a series called American Heritage. The one I used was printed in 1957, the year I was born. The book served as a ready made palette and canvas for my book, occasionally providing topical and visual inspiration to my own work. Since finishing, and exhibiting it, the book has begun to instruct further works, some still to be realised. Second-hand book, mixed media and adhesives, 8.5 x 11.5 x 5 cm. 2005, London


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