"82 artists took part, selecting a [withdrawn] book from the list and returning it after they had created a new piece of work with it. The books were sent out to artists in the United Kingdom, EIRE, Australia, Germany, USA, Denmark, Norway and South Africa to work with and return by March for archiving and photographing before the exhibition and swap."  -UWE blurb for the exhibition

I selected a 1930's hardback by CK Ogden called The Foundations of Aesthetics. Rather than just start hacking into the book, I decided to actually read it, and felt compelled to revamp it. As a withdrawn book it was deemed to be outdated and not really relevant anymore. Becoming The Foundations of Aesthetics Lost, the 16 Senses of Beauty the book was based on became the 16 Senselessnesses of Beauty in order to poke fun at today's artificial, crass, celebrity driven society. 

Cynical? Yes- but motivated by a sense of humour, and coupled with an admission of indulgence; in reading the odd OK!, collecting Barbies and being a big fan of TV, film and music, and some of the glitz that goes with them. Basically, it's a love/hate thing. I have also introduced several unnecessary embellishments to the book itself, as I thought them appropriate. 

(And yes, I have read Eat Shoots and Leaves). I admit to being a bit bookish, but on the other hand...does anyone know where I can buy new and vintage Barbie clothes? Leslie Wilson-Rutterford February 2007

Read more here: www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk/regen1.htm You can see my page here: www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk/regen/lesrut1.htm



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