I enjoy transforming unwanted, or secondhand books into a new experience. I did a series of altered children’s alphabet books, which I displayed at LAB 06. The gals from the University of Northampton (weloveyourbooks) asked if i would like to submit a piece to  Add Book Collaborate(ABC):  an exhibition of experimental books. 

Brainstorming with the title: Add/ Book/ Collaborate, 'form' followed naturally. Simple objects (children's letter books) from my environment combined with inspiration from one word, form, giving birth to a collection of ideas and applications. "Form: a shape (n), Form: make shape (v).’"

The little books of definitive form are encased in a formed base. At first glance the word is the art. When the books are opened, a series of 4 images inside form the pictorial aspect of the work.The base for the books houses the written story of elements in my life tied in with thoughts on the word ‘form’. Together the books, the pictures and the text portray THE FORM MY LIFE TAKES. The books form a connection to their base and must be interacted with in order to be‘read’. The work is as much a physical experience as it is cerebral. It’s formal, minimal exterior belies its colourful and unconventional content.

The accompanying boxwork, FORMED, is made from the letter book shapes, but 'form' becomes 'formed'. Readily available materials were used. The outer sides replicate the embossed letters from the books, the punched holes mark the starting point for writing the letters. With just a few apertures to see into the box a smaller red box can be glimpsed. The word 'perfectly' is printed on all its sides. 'Perfectly formed' becomes a continuum for the bookwork FORM through its subject matter, material and exploration of the word 'form'. Perfectly formed is the baby in the womb, a child's first letters and, ultimately, the shape of a woman's body despite her imperfections.

(You can find out more here. http://www.weloveyourbooks.com/page2/page2.html Scroll down their page to see my images.) 


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