I AM AN ART GALLERY: A Re-creation is a digitally altered 1970's children's book. It is a portrayal of a life lived with art. I made the original for an altered book project for Newport School of Art, Wales. It has exhibited in various venues. 

I made the first, and a subsequent 5 copies by hand. The book has 39 pages all together, is hardbound and laminated. As an artist, raised by artists, with art all around me, our family life is untidy, but colourful and concentrated. 

At face value, I AM AN ART GALLERY is a poignant and, sometimes, humorous expose of my domestic life; seen through the various artworks, objects and junk therein. On another level, the original childrens' books from the 1970's became a backdrop in subject matter and time, for a personal history.

The book was totally recreated: designed, printed, bound and covered to resemble the original. The new images were posterized to echo the original style. While the tone of the wording was retained, and some of the original text; much of it was cut and pasted to form a new story. The quirky revisions both enhance and obscure the original content and show glimpses of a life lived through art and objects. 

Written for children, the original book gave human qualities to a building. Turned around, human existence is a living memorial to shared culture. Like the gallery, we too inherit, contain and display the culture we absorb. I AM AN ART GALLERY pokes fun at, but also celebrates the art and objects we cherish, regardless of their value. Our lives are intrinsically linked to our possessions and they, in turn, bring life to our past. We are all houses of our own histories.


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